Retro Slot Machines

The 3 Retro slots that will delight the most nostalgic players

Even if the players involved are reluctant to admit it, retro slots are a big hit in online casinos. However, the appeal of winnings on 5-reel iSlots is sometimes stronger, and game developers have understood this. Here is a collection of classic theme slot machines that offer winnings equivalent to the most modern games.

What does “retro slot machine” mean?

“It has something that many futuristic iSlots don’t have: Retro Style™, developed by EGT interactive, is progressive!”

Before we tell you our TOP story, we need to lay the groundwork and define what a retro slot machine is. Although the adjective refers to the nostalgic and a bit old-fashioned character, etymologically, it is also a name that designates a mirror to look back. This term is often used to describe clothing, furniture, and movies, and the trend places the “retro” spirit on the podium of the most classy fashions! It makes you want to try out old games even more, doesn’t it?

Retro Style™, the players ‘ favorite retro slot machine

With its 20 pay lines and five reels, the slot machine looks like the most classic. Don’t rely on it because it has something that many futuristic iSlots don’t have: Retro Style™, developed by EGT interactive, is progressive!

The game takes place about a century before our time, where luxury cars were the ultimate sign of wealth. This slot machine is teeming with great visual details. The wild symbol answers present on this game, as well as the Scatter symbol. This is the ideal slot machine for nostalgic!

Play’s Go plays it retro with its slot Jazz of New Orleans™

Here is another progressive and retro slot machine, this time signed by playing Go. Called Jazz of New Orleans™, it refers of course to the style of music and its American cradle. As soon as you turn the rolls, you will have the opportunity to relax to the sound of jazz music. On the game board, images of classic design bring together a singer, a saxophonist, a glass of whiskey and a view of the famous Bourbon Street.

There are plenty of bonus features on the iSlot Jazz of New Orleans™. Between wild symbols, free spins, and the ability to replay your winnings, you’ll be spoiled on this slot machine!

Back to the era of Prohibition thanks to Habanero’s Gangsters ™ slot machine

Developed by the publisher Habanero, the Gangsters ™ slot machine is a new opportunity to go back in time in total fun. The symbols of this slot machine are various; you will find both a gramophone that firearms of the time, cigars, alcohol, and classic casino games. Everything that was forbidden in the severe Days of Prohibition makes you earn money today.

We let you discover the Wild and Scatter symbols that will further increase your chances of winning big on the Islot Gangsters™, as well as the multipliers and free spins.

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