Back When 8 Bit Was The Thing

That was the beginning of an era when the 8-bit games made a sensational retro games news. Here are the best of the 8-bit retro games ranked by the madbit magazine that have made their permanent places in our hearts:

Contra: most of the times we hated playing this side scroller game with our friends because they stole the gun and we had to wait for our turns. But this game was no fun unless played with friends

Skate or Die: According to our magazine, this game was the successful predecessor for the super hit games like SSX and Tony Hawk

RBI Baseball: baseball was played seated for the first time in the history and the fun was double playing it in the court.

Rad Racer: this car race was the hottest favorite among all the kids in those days. There is no household where the kids would not fight for their hand over the control.

Batman: Batman was not just a Hollywood mega-movie in those days. It was the most bought marvel comic series that was transformed into a superhit video game in below 8bit.

Slot Machines From The Past

There are a huge number of slots that have been inspired by the retro theme. Our retro games news magazine talks about some of the best games that you can play are:

Klassik: it is a five reel slot that features fruits and berries and is fun to play with. If slots are your all-time favorite online casino game to play, and you always look for experiencing new titles, then go right here and discover a whole new slot selection.

Spectra: this game has two levels, one in the top game and another in the basic slot.

There are many more such retro themed slot games like Bar 7’s, twin spin, retro reels and many more that can be easily found in the legal online casino sites. These online casino sites also offer a lot of casino games which can be played against a casino bonus. A casino bonus is a welcome bonus that is offered by an online casino for promotional purposes. One can play these games for free and win real money rewards. When speaking of casino bonuses, for all those interested in understanding the whole concept of a match deposit bonuses, we recommend you to visit and find out how you can receive more to play with. It is good to know that players need to pay attention to this bonus type because sometimes it can be tricky.

Best Online Retro Games To Play

Here is a list of the top retro games news that is still relevant in the modern style of gaming.

Donkey Kong: it is an intense game made by Nintendo, the maker of Mario. This is a game best suited for the people who are fans of kong genre of gaming, as the king of the kong. This game has too many animals who have to fight against each other and survive. This pixelated game will not bore you for once.

King’s Quest: this game came in 1984 but still is capable of winning hearts with its magnificent settings and colorful backdrops. The king, queen and the courtiers in their golden robes and attires are fantastic and keep you wanting for more to come.

Super Mario Bros.: Mario was a heartthrob of every child in the block back in those days. The monotone of the game never used to irritate the kids and every new level had too many surprise factors hidden. It is our magazine all time favorite game.

The Most Popular Video Games Throughout History

When video games first came into the common households, everybody knew that this is going to grw big in a few decades. Today the video games industry might be a million dollar industry but the older games still appear to be gold to the kids who were the first to taste the fruits of the pioneers of video games.

Pacman: remember the 20 cute spots in the arcade game, and the yellow half faced enemies. the game was about saving the spots from being eaten up by the enemies.

Tetris: this was one giant of the stressbusting games that was the most favorite of all the kids of that generation. It was simple yet demanded a lot of attention to play it well.

The Sims: the graphics of these games were amazing. Finishing the household chores was so much fun.

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